Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ZunaVision - Simple in-video advertising

Want to earn advertising dollars on your home videos? Ever wanted to replace that picture of your ex in YouTube videos of your living room? Ashutosh Saxena, Siddharth Batra and Andrew Ng at Stanford University have come up with a way to easily embed pictures or videos into an existing video. The result is a way to monetize any video or image on the internet. They also have some good ideas of how to use this for everything from mundane activities like home remodeling to adding sign-language overlays.

I think the application is awesome! Anybody know how I can get a piece of this action?

Having said that, I wonder: won't this lead to a new generation of faked photos, fraudelent news, and just really annoying YouTube experiences? What do you think?


Doron said...

Yes, very cool indeed.

elYon said...

Apparently, there are other similar technologies sprouting up. Some merely target blank spaces, such as blue skies, and do it automatically. More to the point is the public's reception of such tech/ad inserts. A number of tech pundits pan the idea completely. We'll see.