Thursday, November 20, 2008

BipBip - Reinventing mobile advertising

Recently I came across a neat model for user-controlled advertising. The folks at BipBip* are developing a service (patent pending) where consumers set a wish list of products they want, a maximum price (or minimum discount?) and geographic distance for each product. The mobile alert service will only let through (SMS) ads that meet your criteria.

Sounds to me a bit like the old Priceline concept, with a few nice twists. In particular, not only can you ignore the offer, but they also promise to donate 50% of their advertising revenue to the consumer's charity of choice. That's a nice incentive. Other services try to buy consumers off with cash or discounts - this one goes to the heart. Nice call BipBip - I wish you success!

* If you need a password to see the description, go to the BipBip message posted on the Killer Idea Developers group on LinkedIn


Luffemann said...

Hi Elyon,

Thanks for your kind and precisely description of our services. If you of any kind need more information you are more than welcome to contact me through Linkedin or Lasse.Larsen

Let's keep in touch with each other -thanks again ;)

PS: I'm surprised you didn't mentioned our pat.pending on the system...

elYon said...

Hi Lasse. Glad the description was good enough. You just did mention the pat.pending ;-) Nevertheless, I'll change the post. Please keep us posted on your developments and growth. Good luck!

Frank Gerhardt said...

Hello Elyon,

I received this link from my partners in Denmark, nice short description about, what always interessts me the most is the opinion from people regarding the donation program.

Just to tell you the donation program was for me really the intial reason to buy one of the first licenses for the St. Petersburg Area, because as the donation system is simply called "to do good, feels good"

Believe me the business behind the system is really genius for everybody. For the license owners and (most important) for retailers also, but what makes even as investor most curious, is how much money the donation system will give to all kinds of charity after one year.

Don't do evil; or as I call it;

do nothing. That was yesterday

do good is tomorrow