Sunday, October 5, 2008

Green Makes Green

Performics published a brief article on a study by DoubleClick concerning the impact of green advertising on a company's bottom line. I have not read the original report, but here are some important quotations from the Perfomics article:
“Not only are consumers interested in green products and companies, our survey shows that nearly half of them will pay at least five percent more for them,” said Stuart Larkins, senior vice president of search at DoubleClick Performics.
Not only are they willing to pay more to be green, green also goes viral, as they quoted:
“Recommendations continue to drive sales,” said Larkins. “We also found that a majority of online consumers would recommend an environmentally-conscious company to friends and family.”
So you advertisers out there, get the message: green makes green!
And for all: check out my delicious feed and look for ads tagged 'green'. Have another one to recommend? Please let me know!

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